Holy Hippo! (a.k.a. Perimenopause Weight Gain)

Midlife Carnival

Perimenopause weight gain?!!  Whatever!!  That ain’t happening to me.  I’ve always been in great shape. Wrong-o!!! I have been a...

Do You Have Serious Brain Fog and Good-for-Nothing Memory, Too??!

Midlife Carnival

Man, as soon as perimenopause creeps in, everything goes to the crapper, eh ladies??!!  (Sorry.  That’s my Canadian accent coming...

I was Bulimic for 5 Long Years!

Midlife Carnival

I was bulimic all through high school.  For 5 years.  Yes, there were actually 5 years of high school back...

Adult Bullies – Hate ‘Em

Midlife Carnival

With all the talk and media hype about bullying these days, I thought I would bring to the forefront a...

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