I Hate A-Hole Drivers and Road Rage!!!

I’m not a crazy driver.  I need to make that very clear before I continue.  Really.  I’m not!  Rather, I am a ‘very confident and experienced driver with tendencies to drive fairly quickly and aggressively yet safely’.  Make sense?  Get the picture?  Are ya with me?  Can I hear a “Hell Yeah, Sistah!!”?  Ok.  Let’s move on.

I can’t stand A-hole drivers!!  Why do some drivers have to be such dicks??  I think people just need to calm down a bit before they pop a coronary.

Whenever possible, I always use my car’s cruise control function.  It helps me have more control over that heavy-foot thing I seem to have.  So because I am always using cruise control, I always know that I am driving a constant speed and I can easily detect when drivers around me are speeding up or slowing down.  Makes sense, right?

So I was on the highway yesterday cruising in the right lane.  In the left lane beside me was a Mercedes.  A more powerful car that I was driving!  We had been driving along at roughly the same speed for the last number of minutes.

I was slowly coming up on a truck in my lane.  It was probably still about 100 meters ahead of me, but I could tell I was going to be kissing his rear bumper soon if I didn’t make a move to pass him.  So I sped up to get ahead of the Mercedes so that I could slip into the left lane and pass the truck.

The Mercedes driver would have no part of that action.  He sped up, too.  So I sped up as quickly as my little car would let me, but the Mercedes overpowered me and passed the truck before I could even move into his lane.  Seriously???  WTF???

I was, by no means, going to cut off the Mercedes.  There was plenty of room for me to speed up and pull ahead of him before we ever got up to the truck.  He wouldn’t even have had to touch his brakes.  But NOOOOOOO!!!  The Mercedes chose to box me in and not let me pass him.  What a dick!!

That’s just one of dozens and dozens of examples of Dicks-Driving-Cars that have affected me.  No wonder there’s so much road rage!  Don’t be that Dick!

Be safe out there!




Kathleen Bolton

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